Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tropical Camel Ranchers Holdings Sdn Bhd (TCR) is a privately incorporated Malaysian limited liability company; currently breeding from in excess of 700 KK type breeder cattle under its proprietary “Cattle Ownership Program”.

TCR was incorporated in 2005 as a Malaysian based Specialized Livestock Management, Breeding, Growing and Marketing Company primarily designed to provide a means for the effective leasing and management of owned cattle and specialized livestock. Providing specialized management and labor and, an integrated performance and marketing information system.

TCR also provides for the management and maintenance of “Jengka Springs” Malaysia’s first and only purpose built Livestock Auction Centre. TCR manages and promotes this facility to facilitate the development of the transparent livestock auction and through such transparency to create positive competitive markets, timely information and price tracking systems, and access to emerging technology for cattle producers in Malaysia in general and our home state Pahang in particular.

TCR also provides a specialized “Retained Ownership program for prospective ‘absentee’ cattle owners; a specialized management and cattle feeding services to its respective buyers and owners. Tropical Camel Ranchers Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (TCR) through its Jengka Springs operation seeks to assure its customers positive market access while improving their competitive position in the important value-added industry of producing high quality beef and dairy cattle. Jengka Springs is operated as a service oriented cost center with operating profits being distributed to the managers and participating owners in the form of a Halal rental income.

Jengka Springs as an auction center and the Jenka Springs Mobile Auction Barn offers sellers a developed system of marketing, attracting new participants and allowing for the infusion of new institutional and private capital and the resulting access to competitive markets, timely information (price discovery), and emerging markets.

The ability of the system to attract competitive bids for both domestically raised or fattened cattle and cattle on stations will keep our customers competitive in the rapidly changing cattle industry.

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